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Who is eligible to participate in the TMAF?

All Team Members (TM) at Anchor Point and its affiliated companies may donate to the TMAF through payroll deduction of at least $1.00 per paycheck. Those TMs who donate are eligible to apply for and, if approved, receive a grant through the TMAF.

How do I become a participant and donate to the TMAF?

In order to apply for and receive a grant from the TMAF, you must actively donate to the TMAF. You can enroll online by going to your myADP login and adding the TMAF deduction of at least $1.00 per paycheck (although we recommend $2.00 per paycheck). The TMAF is managed through support from Anchor Point, so nearly 100% of your donations will go to assisting fellow Team Members in times of need!

How are grants awarded?

Participating TMAF members may apply for a grant by submitting an application (found here). All applications are received by the TMAF Board of Directors, who review each application for eligibility in the program. Grants are made based on emergency situations such as medical emergencies, natural disasters, loss of residence due to medical or disaster-related events, and other critical events. A grant may be awarded up to $5,000 depending on individual circumstances. 

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